New Employee Onboarding

Your First Week

Your First Day

Attend New Employee Orientation.  Allow extra time in the morning to get a parking pass. 

If you'll be attending orientation on the Tampa Campus, take your offer letter to the Campus Information Center at the main entrance for a complimentary 2-week parking pass.  Click here for the Tampa Orientation agenda.

Your First Week

• Find your service center

• Your department will set up your email.

• You'll be able to set up a NetID after you have an official USF employee ID number.

• You'll be able to get your staff ID card approximately 48 hours after the completion of your new hire paperwork.  If possible, it can be beneficial to you complete your paper work prior to your first day of work.

• Set up your voicemail.

• Download the USF SAFE app.

Getting Started in Your New Role

Meet with your manager to understand the purpose of your role; how your work fits into to the department's mission; and how it contributes to the university's mission and vision.  Identify the early contributions that you can make.

Start Exploring USF

Keep open communication with your manager about your initial learnings and training needs. Request time to go over performance expectations and goal-setting process. If you are a staff employee, review any necessary information related to your probationary period.

Socialization & Work Environment