University of South Florida


Statement from USF President on Violence in Washington, D.C.

Wednesday’s unprecedented violence in Washington, D.C., was deeply troubling.  The University of South Florida joins leaders across our nation in emphatically condemning acts that were intended to undermine our country’s democratic process.

As a public institution of higher learning, USF is committed to teaching our next generation of citizens the value of rigorous intellectual inquiry. Our Principles of Community affirm the freedom to explore and peacefully express diverse and even conflicting ideas. This affirmation is at the core of our mission as a university to positively shape the future of our region, nation and globe.

In the face of Wednesday’s thwarted efforts to derail the Constitutional process, USF’s mission – and our civic responsibility – is more important than ever. The democratic process will prevail, and our unity as a nation will strengthen as we work to embrace our differences and promote honesty, trust and the rule of law.

Steven C. Currall
President and Professor

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