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New online portal to streamline process for licensing USF inventions

By: Cassidy Delamarter, University Communications and Marketing

A new portal at the University of South Florida Technology Transfer Office is improving accessibility for USF inventors and the general public, including companies interested in licensing inventions. 

The Inventor Portal will enhance the previous process of disclosing new inventions, copyright and trademarks to USF – replacing handwritten invention submission forms with an online portal easily accessible by each collaborator. The new process will streamline more than 180 disclosures the Technology Transfer Office receives each fiscal year. 

The portal will allow inventors to communicate directly with the Technology Transfer team and receive real-time updates on the status of their disclosure, marketing targets and funding. 

“With the launch of our new online Inventor Portal, the intellectual property disclosure process is faster and easier for users,” said Michele Tyrpak, director of Tech Engagement and Commercialization. "This system not only increases the accuracy of data entry into the database but provides a collaborative environment for inventors to take an active role in monitoring the status of disclosures that have been submitted to the Tech Transfer Office."

After the disclosure is processed and the technology becomes available for licensing, it’s displayed on the Technology Publisher – a dashboard that allows the public to easily search for technologies by keyword, making it more convenient for potential investors.

For inventors like Applied Biophysics Associate Professor Michael Cross, the portal will save time during the disclosure process and allow him to focus on his technology: rapidly removing human cells from a culture dish without damaging them. 

“This new system introduces the potential for better accountability both on the part of the inventor and USF’s Technology Transfer Office,” Cross said. “It will provide a dashboard for inventors to keep up to date with their disclosure and a central point of contact when additional information is needed.”

Sylvia Thomas, interim vice president of Research & Innovation, says the goal is to promote, protect and empower the intellectual property of faculty, staff and students. 

"Not only does the new Inventor Portal increase the transparency of the entire process, but it also helps manage and support the commercialization of USF innovation to impact society."

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