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USF Hurricane Ian FAQs

Updated 2 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 3 –

General information:

When will USF reopen?

The safety, health and well-being of the USF community is our highest priority as we reopen facilities following Hurricane Ian. Business operations and all classes, including online classes, resumed on Monday, Oct. 3. 

When campus reopens/classes resume, what happens if I can’t get back to class or work? 

Students who left the region because of the storm and won’t be able to return in time for the resumption of classes should notify their instructors as soon as possible. Employees who left the region because of the storm and won’t be able to return when the university reopens should notify their supervisors as soon as possible.  Faculty members and supervisors are asked to be patient and understanding with their students and staff during these unique circumstances. More information from USF Human Resources for employees and supervisors can be found here.

How can I help students in need?

Some USF students are returning to campus facing unanticipated financial challenges due to hurricane preparation, evacuation and crises at home. If you’re able, a gift to the USF United Support Fund will provide a safety net for these Bulls and allow them to focus on their studies as they resume classes.

For students and parents:

I’m a student experiencing academic, financial or personal hardships due to the hurricane.  What should I do?

Please contact the Dean of Students office to let us know how we can assist.  We will triage these concerns and contact you to provide support.

What other resources are available students who need support during this challenging time?

Professional counselors are available 24/7 through the Tampa campus Counseling Center at 813-974-2831 (select option 3 after business hours) and St. Petersburg campus Counseling Services at 727-873-4422 (select option 2 to make an appointment). You can also conveniently access 24/7 free mental health services with professionals through TimelyCare's TalkNow service (more information is available here). 

Please make note of the following additional resources:

What about scheduled exams and assignments? 

Scheduled exams and assignments will be rescheduled at a later date. Students will receive additional information from their instructors once campus has reopened. This is the same for online courses as well. 

When will events on campus resume? 

Events are beginning to resume.  You should contact the event host to find out if your event is on as scheduled, has been postponed or has been moved online.  

Are dorms open?  

USF residence halls on the Tampa and St. Petersburg campuses are open.

For faculty and staff:

What should I do if a student in my class isn’t able to return when USF reopens?  
Please keep in mind there is going to be considerable displacement, stress and challenges for students after the storm passes.  We expect that instructors will be flexible, even as the university reopens.

Will I have to make up the missed time from my courses? 
We are currently working with the Department of Education to determine requirements, if any, for missed class hours. However, faculty should alert their students regarding their expectations for currently planned exams or assignments due. For example, if you have an exam scheduled during the closure you are expected to notify your students when you intend to reschedule or provide them with a timeline when you will announce a reschedule date.  

If the university has closed for an emergency, will I get paid?  
The following guidelines will determine if you are paid for an emergency closing:  

  • Special compensatory leave is provided to staff and non-exempt administration employees required to perform essential duties during an emergency closing for the hours worked during the closing.  
  • Special compensatory leave is provided to staff and non-exempt administration employees required to perform essential duties for hours worked outside of their normal work schedule to prepare for or respond to a declared university emergency, as determined by the chief administrative officer or designee.  
  • Employees who are not required to work during an emergency closing are granted administrative leave in an amount equal to the number of hours scheduled to work during the closing or in an amount necessary to bring them up to their normal hours for the work week.  
  • Salaried temporary employees will receive their regular pay.  
  •  Employees already on a leave of absence, with or without pay, will not be allowed to have the leave of absence changed to administrative leave to cover the absence.  
  • An employee who had an unauthorized absence the day before the emergency closing will continue to remain on unauthorized leave on the day(s) in which the university was closed.   
  • Hourly temporary employees will not receive paid leave time during an emergency closing, but if the workload permits it, a supervisor may adjust an employee’s schedule during the affected pay period to allow the employee to work additional hours in the work week.  

When should I return to work, and what time should I arrive?  
The USF website, MyUSF, official university social media channels and email will provide you with updates on how long the university will be closed. On the day the university reopens, you should report to work at the time you would normally start your shift. If the university opens later than the start of your scheduled start time, you should report to work as soon as the university reopens.     

I work a four-day work week, 10 hours each day. How many hours of administrative leave do I get for an emergency closing, 8 hours or 10 hours?  
You would receive up to 10 hours of administrative leave, which is equal to the number of hours in your regular workday, not to exceed your appointed hours in a workweek.  

For patients:

I have an appointment at the Morsani Health Center, can you help me?

USF Health clinical facilities reopened on Friday, Sept. 30. Anyone with questions can call the USF Health appointments hotline at 813-821-8038.

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