Coverdell Fellows Program


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Peace Corps Service will support academic experience through:

  • Providing  Returning Peace Corps Volunteers (RPVCs) with the skills needed to affect change and garner support for global sustainability initiatives.
  • The ability to collaborate with diverse groups to achieve consensus.
  • Leadership skills that will help motivate others to take action in the field of sustainability.
  • International knowledge and experience that allows for a better understanding of global sustainability issues and the promotion of innovative sustainable practices.

On average, 75-85% of our graduates who are seeking jobs obtain positions in the sustainability field within 12 months of graduation. Examples of recent alumni careers include:

Financial Support:

Costs are estimated for both Florida residents and non-Florida residents.

Coverdell Fellows will be offered a Graduate Assistant (GA) position, which includes a 20 hour a
week paid position (minimum of $13.52/hour for Master's students). They are also eligible for a
tuition waiver for the semester(s) in which they are appointed. Up to 9 credit hours can be waived
per semester.