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Faculty Authored Textbook Guidelines

Guidelines for Use of Faculty Authored Textbooks or Other Course Materials

In compliance with Florida Statute 112.131, faculty members who are the author of a textbook, book, software, or collateral materials and who requires the use of that material in their course or courses, must receive approval prior to that use. The faculty member must certify that the required materials are uniquely suited for use in the course. A form is provided here by which approval can be requested.

The above reporting requirements also apply when the faculty member assigning the materials is a relative of the author, a member of a teaching team of which the author is a member, or if the author is in a position to require the materials in any University course or program.

This policy is not intended to prevent faculty from using materials they have produced in their courses, but to ensure the materials are being used to the benefit of USF students. The Department/School Chair/Director should review the request carefully and make a recommendation to the Dean, who makes a recommendation to the Office of the Provost.  

Requests from the faculty should include the following information for consideration by the Chair/Director, Dean, and Provost:

  • Semester(s) that the faculty-authored materials will be used
  • Name of the textbook, book, software or collateral materials
  • Course number and section(s)
  • Estimated enrollment per year
  • Potential royalty based on estimated enrollment
  • Justification for requiring the faculty-authored materials in the course

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to obtain approval prior to submitting the book order to the Campus Bookstore.