Life Cycle Steps

3. Proposal Submission


  • Prior to submission to Sponsored Research the PI/DRA completes the Internal Form, used for official approval to seek funding, uploads the appropriate supporting documentation (i.e., Conflict of Interest, proposal abstract, proposed project budget) and obtains the necessary approvals.

  • PI/DRA submits the proposal to Sponsored Research via email, campus mail or hand–delivered in accordance with the Sponsored Research Proposal Submission Guidelines.

  • Sponsored Research reviews proposal for compliance with university policies (business, research, academic) and sponsor guidelines and completes appropriate Certifications and Assurances.

  • Sponsored Research notifies PI/DRA of changes required (if necessary) to make application compliant.

  • Sponsored Research as the delegated authority, provides institutional signature on behalf of the University.

  • Sponsored Research submits proposal to sponsor either electronically or on paper depending on sponsor guidelines.

  • Sponsored Research confirms that proposal has been submitted and provides a PDF copy of the Internal Form, used for official approval to seek funding, and submitted proposal to PI/DRA.

  • Sponsored Research logs, tracks and stores the research proposal submission.