Events & Conferences

Student Success offers opportunities for faculty and staff to learn more about both national student success initiatives and USF's student success movement, as well as the opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments.

2019 Male Student Success Speaker Series

Join us to learn from colleagues from other institutions as they share their male student success initiatives and experiences to help us uncover ways to further close the gender completion gap at USF.

Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon

Celebrate your administrative staff by taking them to this luncheon event in April! Hosted by Student Success, the luncheon has become an annual tradition to honor the work and dedication of this group of employees who keep the university running and growing.

Student Success Awards Luncheon

To further promote the student success movement on the Tampa campus, Student Success hosts an annual luncheon for the campus community to convene to learn of our latest successes and initiatives, as well as related innovations in higher education from a guest speaker.

National Student Success Conference

The second annual National Student Success Conference: Innovators & Innovations in Higher Education will be held Feb. 27 - March 1, 2019 in Tampa. Featured speakers Sara Goldrick-Rab and Troy Markowitz will be discussing current issues with an innovative lens. Join higher education administrators and practitioners from across the nation to learn about practices that are moving the needle on student success.

Faculty Luncheons

Faculty are invited to learn more about student success initiatives at our hosted luncheons with guest speaker.