Fees & Insurance

Bill Payment

When an SHS service involves a fee, there are three ways to pay:

  1. You can self-pay using a debit or credit card
  2. Transfer the charges to your OASIS account
  3. Have your insurance company billed directly if you have coverage

Charges on your OASIS account must be paid prior to the end of the semester to avoid a registration hold for the next semester. You are responsible for the balance of all charges not covered by insurance.

Got coverage?
Whether you have your own coverage or are listed on your parent's or spouse's plan, SHS accepts many health insurance plans and you won't have to pay a co-pay for general medical office visits.

How to use insurance at SHS:

Check to make sure we accept your plan.

If you provide SHS with insurance information but do not want your insurance billed for a specific service, be sure to let the SHS staff know you want to self-pay when you check out

Need coverage? Visit the Insurance page.