Health Communication


Our campaigns promote services, events and resources that help students stay well, from starting Fall semester strong to coping with stress. Learn about how to use our amazing resources to be your best Bull.


Bulls Stop the spread

Do your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19!
Fall Wellness Services

Take Summer Slow  

Take Summer Slow

Make the most of your summer with wellness events, resources and tools.
WellnessUSF (Instagram)

You’ve Got This 

You've got this

We want to remind you that YOU'VE GOT THIS!
Current Student Toolkit

 Spring Break Squirrels  

Spring Break Squirriels

Keep your body healthy and safe. 
Stay Safe Flyer

Finish Strong 

Finish Strong

Wellness programs to keep you going. 

Let’s Get Physical 

Let's Get Physical

Wellness events to meet people like you! 

Find your herd

Find Your Herd

Wellness events to meet people like you. 
Events List Flyer