Academic Regulations Committee

Late Add/Withdrawal Petition Process

Petitions can be approved if a documented university error has occurred (e.g., an administrative error or incorrect advice from a university official), or if the committee determines that you experienced extenuating circumstances beyond your control of such severity that the physical or mental ability to drop by the drop deadline was impaired. Such circumstances need to be supported by independent, objective, and verifiable documentation from a licensed professional or professional with certified expertise in the applicable professional area.

In accordance with Board of Governors regulation 7.002 on Tuition and Fee Assessment, Collection, Accounting and Remittance, late and total withdrawal petitions must be submitted within 6 calendar months of the end of the semester during which the petitionable event occurred. The end of semester date is determined from the official USF academic calendar published by the Office of the Registrar. Any petition submitted outside of this window will be summarily denied without prejudice and is not subject to appeal at the College or University level. The only exception to the 6-month window is withdrawals for military service. Per Florida Statute 1004.07, any student enrolled in a postsecondary course or courses at a state university shall not incur academic or financial penalties by virtue of performing military service on behalf of our country. These students shall be permitted the option of completing the course(s) later without penalty or withdrawing from the course(s) with a full refund of fees paid. If the student chooses to withdraw, the record shall reflect that the withdrawal is due to active military service.

Students should be mindful of the Excess Hour Surcharge Policy, Florida Statute 1009.286, when requesting late adds or late withdrawals. Withdrawing from classes may result in monetary penalty, or affect financial aid, tuition assistance, use of Veterans educational benefits, or a student’s visa status. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the associated offices to evaluate any potential financial impacts of Academic Renewal.

Expecting a refund with your withdrawal? If a student is requesting consideration for financial reimbursement, the student must submit a separate Fee Adjustment Request to the Office of the Registrar within six months of the applicable semester end date following a final approved ARC petition decision. Questions about fee adjustment should be directed to


1.    Complete Parts 1-4 of the Academic Regulations Petition Form with:

a.       Your full name and most current contact information including phone number.  
b.       The year and semester for which you are petitioning (multiple semesters require 
           multiple petitions).
c.       Check the appropriate box to indicate whether you are petitioning for a "Late Add," 
          "Late Withdrawal", "Total Withdrawal", "Withdrawal Limit Exception" or "Other."
d.       List any courses affected by the petition *IMPORTANT* - Make sure all course
           information is correct including the CRN (e.g., course registration number). Petitions
           with incomplete and/or incorrect information are not processed and will be

2.     Include a personal statement detailing the nature of your request, and a clear statement of
why you feel that you should be granted the requested exception. This statement should include what happened and when it happened, with relevant dates included. You should also include any supporting documentation that can substantiate the claims made in your personal statement.

3.    For ALL courses included in your petition, also complete Parts 1 and 2 of the Instructor's Documentation Form with your information, and have the course instructor fill out Part 3, sign the form, and return it to you. Each course listed on the Academic Regulations Petition Form needs its own Instructor's Documentation Form. If the instructor has left the university, the student should contact the Chair of the department that offers the course. Students petitioning for withdrawals for medical reasons do not typically need to include instructor documentation forms with their petition but should be prepared to obtain these forms if requested by the committee.

4.    Ensure that ALL forms are filled out completely with all required information for yourpetition type, and that all the proper signatures are obtained. Submit all the completed forms, your personal statement, and any supporting documentation to the ARC representative in the college of your major (see listing of ARC representatives on the Academic Regulations Petition Form (PDF)). Retain copies for your own records.

5.   Initial ARC petition decisions may be appealed. Please review ARC appeals guidance.

Additional Guidance for Late Adds

6.   Late add requests require a stamp from the department offering the course. This is to ensure there is space available and course prerequisites have been met.

7.   Late add petitions submitted after the 2nd week of the semester must have instructors support as indicated on the instructor documentation form and provide additional documentation addressing the reason for the delayed request.

8.  All registration holds must be removed before approved late add petitions can be processed.

Additional Guidance for Late Withdrawals, Total Withdrawals or Withdrawal Exceptions

9.  If you are petitioning for a Late Withdrawal (resulting in a W grade on official transcript), Total Withdrawal or Withdrawal Limit Exception for medical reasons, complete Part 1 of the Medical Documentation Form and have Part 2 completed by your physician. The Medical Documentation Form should be returned in a sealed envelope from the physician's office (see instructions on form). Students petitioning for withdrawals for medical reasons do not typically need to include instructor documentation forms with their petition but should be prepared to obtain these forms if requested by the committee.

10.   If you are petitioning to withdraw from select courses in a semester, yet keep other courses, you will need to explicitly address why your situation impacted only those courses to be dropped and not the others.

11.   If you stop attending class and have no documentation addressing what prevented a timely withdrawal from the class, your petition will be denied.