Faculty-Led Programs

Leading a Program

Required training

  • Title IX Responsible Employee Training (RE):  All employees complete Title IX Training. The training is good for two-years. If you completed this training last year, then you are covered until next year. However, if your training will expire prior to the program, please complete. You can register for this training through GEMs (search for “Title IX” as the course name).
  • Clery Act Campus Security Authority Training (CSA):  While all employees complete Title IX training, only employees that work with students outside of a classroom setting must also complete Clery Act training.  Clery Act Training is a one-time training. If you’ve completed it then you are all set. If you need to complete this training, please register through GEMS (search “CSA” as the course name).
  • Education Abroad International Risk and Safety (EAO IRSO):  This training session goes over USF specific emergency protocols and is required of all faculty and staff participating on a program. Registration for this training is available through GEMS. An in-person meeting is required every two-years (2 hour session). An online refresher is required on the off years (15 minute Canvas course). To register in GEMs, fo to Learning and Development, Register for Training, and search for “EAO” as the course name.  Education Abroad is unable to purchase airfare for a traveler or process a cash advances until this training is complete.
  • P-Card Training:  This training is required for anyone who needs us to issue you a USF credit card (p-card). You can register for this training through GEMS (search for “PCard Holder Training” as the course name).  We are unable to issue you a pcard until this training is complete. Issuing a pcard can take several months, please be sure to complete as soon as possible.

Financial matters

Any potential expenses on a program must be budgeted for during program development. Faculty may request funds for program activities they plan to pay for themselves -- however, any unbudgeted cannot be reimbursed. Faculty may opt to secure a p-card for these expenses or receive a program cash advance ahead of the program.

Please note, a program cash advance is specific to items that serve the program and the student. Faculty members abroad for more than two-weeks may opt to have their meal stipend (normally 20 - 40% of the federal per diem rate depending on housing) advanced to them as a travel cash advance if greater than $250. While these may not seem as wildly different kinds of advances, they are treated very differently by the University.

Faculty are free to use a "P-Card" or University Purchasing Credit Card to pay for budgeted items on the program. However, prior to doing so, a p-card must be authorized for international use, for "entertainment expenses" (to cover food and program items like museum entrances, etc.), and have the purchasing limit increased. The Education Abroad Office can facilitate this if you already have a P-Card through your department but needs to know this is your intent during the budgeting process. If you do not have a P-Card, one can be issued to you for the purposes of the program after you have completed the required training (USF Tampa only).

Faculty-leaders may purchase food for students if part of the program budget, but a detailed, itemized receipt is always required. Alcohol can NEVER be reimbursed. Faculty must ensure that alcohol is not included in receipts submitted for reimbursement. Maximum gratuity is 18%. We recommend not to exceed 15%.

All purchases made with a University p-card must be reconciled within three business days. Faculty may e-mail a picture of their receipt to Education Abroad Fiscal Team.

Receipts – Program Cash Advances
The Education Abroad Office prepares Faculty Travel Expense Report (TER) after the program is over. We ask that you submit your receipts to our business office within 10 days (5 days for USF Sarasota-Manatee) from the end of the program.

All financial transactions charged require a receipt for reimbursement. This includes ground transportation, meals with students, excursions, museum tickets, equipment for students, etc. Same policies apply to all cash advances. Excess funds remaining from cash advances must be remitted to USF within 5 days after the last day of travel.

When submitting your receipts:

  • Please submit with a spread sheet listing:
  • Date of transaction
  • Description of transaction
  • Amount in foreign currency
  • Translation if applicable
  • Receipt ink is very sensitive and tends to fade if taped. Feel free to submit all receipts in order simply clipped together.

If you are unable to submit hard-copies of your receipts prior to the 10-day (5 day for USF Sarasota-Manatee) mark because you are not on campus, you may submit scans or pictures of your receipts provided the information is clearly legible. You can follow-up with the hard copies upon your return to campus.

Emergency and Student Management

For more information on the Emergency and Safety Protocols involved in leading an education abroad program, please click here.

If you are encountering difficult or disruptive students, please know that the Education Abroad Office is here to support you. Please contact us as soon as you see any signs of problems as we may be able to assist before the situation escalates. If you are already abroad when you see issues beginning to arise, please reach out to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line.

Grade submission

Grades for courses taught abroad should be completed through Canvas by the established on-campus deadlines.

Please be sure to review and sign the Grade Submission Authorization signature document which is part of the online faculty program proposal.

If you experience technical issues with Canvas, please contact USF IT Service Desk.

Program Evaluations

In addition to the standard course evaluation students must complete after a course is completed, Education Abroad sends a link to a program evaluation to all students. Once compiled, this evaluation can be made accessible to faculty-leaders. We ask that faculty members take a moment on the last day of the program to remind student to complete the evaluation once Education Abroad sends the link to them by e-mail.

Faculty-leaders will also be contacted to evaluate their program and and the services offered by Education Abroad. This is in addition to meeting with your program manager to debrief about the program.