Special Programs

Bulls Business Community

Bulls Business Community residents are all members of the BBN, so building friendships with peers who share common interests and goals is easier. From day one, students can socialize with people who have similar classes, goals, and schedules. Common areas of the hall provide an opportunity to socialize, plus there are all the perks of campus life nearby.

Business Honors Program

Exclusively for the nation’s best and most motivated learners, this highly selective program provides talented students with opportunities to learn from USF’s best faculty. USF’s Business Honors Program blends rigorous coursework and research activities with special residential, service, international, and applied learning opportunities found inside and outside of the classroom.

Corporate Mentor Program

The Corporate Mentor Program, exclusively for USF business students, has partnered with Tampa Bay's executives to create a program to help. Volunteers in the Corporate Mentor Program are business professionals who provide guidance and opportunities for these first generation Bulls, such as the opportunity to shadow an executive at a Chamber of Commerce meeting, or the chance to tag along on a corporate presentation.

Muma Leadership Program

The Muma Leadership Program certifies students as the best of the best that the Muma College of Business has to offer. It is a two-year professional development program designed to help upperclassmen prepare to enter the workforce.

Business Ethics Initiative

Open to any USF Muma College of Business undergraduate student, the new Business Ethics Initiative is a new opportunity for USF to recognize undergraduate students who have made significant efforts to learn about and promote ethical behavior, specifically as it applies to business.

Zimmerman Advertising Program

ZAP is a five-year, dual degree program designed for success-driven students who have an interest in marketing or advertising, who meet the requirements for the Muma College of Business, and are also creative individuals. Students in USF's ZAP program earn an undergraduate degree in business advertising and a master's degree in strategic communications.