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USF offers undergraduate, graduate, specialist and doctoral level degrees and serves over 10,000 graduate students. With an annual budget of $1.8 billion and an annual economic impact of $4.4 billion, we provide graduate students with the resources and opportunities to make a difference in their communities and the world. Explore our programs per campus:

Types of Graduate Programs

USF offers over 150 degree programs at the graduate, specialist and doctoral levels. There are also Certificate (non-degree) and Online programs available. In some cases, the subject you want to study is listed as a concentration under a related major program. Please visit the Graduate Catalog and the department website (linked from the Catalog) for details about degree and admission requirements, contact information and application deadlines.

Graduate Catalog

Revised annually, the Graduate Catalog is the repository for official information about graduate programs, policies, procedures, requirements and deadlines. It goes into effect for the Fall, Spring and following Summer Sessions. Although colleges and departments may also publish requirements and deadlines, they must obtain approval of the Graduate Council to deviate from the current catalog. For course descriptions go to USF Course Inventory.

Graduate Research

USF is classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in the top tier of research universities (RU/VH), a distinction attained by only 2.3 percent of all universities. Students work with internationally renowned faculty researchers in many settings to solve society's pressing problems. Click the link on the right for graduate faculty and visit department websites to learn more about faculty, students and their research.

Concurrent Degree Programs

Students can pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously where a prescribed number of courses required for one degree may be applied to another degree that requires the same courses. Students can share up to 15 percent of credits required for both degrees. After gaining admission to the first program you should submit the Application for Concurrent Degrees and all necessary credentials to the second program for consideration.

Accelerated Bachelors to Master's Degrees

Accelerated Programs allow academically qualified students to complete an undergraduate bachelors degree and a graduate degree on an accelerated timeline. Typically students will complete a portion of the required graduate coursework while an undergraduate student which counts towards both degrees. After the student completes the undergraduate degree requirements, the student is converted to graduate status to fulfill remaining requirements.

Online Programs

Interested in completing a master’s degree in a convenient online format? USF ranks as a national leader in online education, according to the Guide to Online Schools, ranking 25th on its 'best overall' list of top nonprofit and for-profit schools (2013). Some programs are completely online and others have a mixture of online and on campus courses. Visit the Online Programs website for more information.


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