Dr. Malik's Cover Stories

(1) Analytical Chemistry 1997, vol. 69, No. 22; Analytical Chemistry is the premier journal in the field of analytical chemistry published by the American Chemical Society. The cover story features our research on sol-gel stationary phases for gas chromatography that was reported for the first time (Analytical Chemistry 1997, vol. 69, No. 22, 4566-4576)

Analytical Chemistry, 1997


(2) Quantitative Chemical Analysis (Leading textbook on analytical chemistry by Daniel C. Harris, 6th ed., W.H. Freeman & Co. 2003); The Cover story features our cutting-edge research on sol-gel monolithic column technology for capillary  electrochromatography originally reported in 2000 in Analytical Chemistry published by American Chemical Society (Analytical chemistry 2000, vol. 72, No. 17, pp. 4090-4099)

Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 2003


(3) Handbook on Sample Preparation (Elsevier, 2010); The cover story highlights our research on dendrimer-based sol-gel media for sample preparation via  capillary microextraction. This research was originally published in a leading chromatography journal published by Elsevier (Journal of Chromatography A 2004, 1034, No. 1-2, pp. 1-11).

Handbook on Sample Preparation, 2010


(4) Journal of separation Science (Wiley, 2018, vol. 41, No. 7). The cover story features our innovative research on sol-gel niobia-based sorbents for the enrichment of nucleotides and organophosphorus pesticides via capillary microextraction.

Journal of Separation Science, 2018