Dr. Terrence C. Owen

Retired Professor Emeritus (deceased)


Dr. Terence C. Owen passed away peacefully on June 23, 2009. He was born in Cannock, England, and received his doctorate in chemistry at the University of Manchester. He brought his wife and two children to Tampa in December of 1963, when he joined the University of South Florida as a Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Owen served as Chairman of the Chemistry Department from 1974-1978 and received many awards for his outstanding leadership and devotion to the field of chemistry. In addition, an endowed scholarship was founded in his name to reward outstanding research students. He loved both teaching and research, and though retired in 1997 continued his research and mentoring up to the week before his passing. He was also an avid sailor and explored much of the west coast of Florida, the Keys and Bahamas on his summer vacations. He was 78.