Dr. Bob X. Wang




Office: DAV 213 
Email: wangx@usf.edu 


M.S., Institute of Soil Science, Academia Sinica, China
Ph.D., Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


Bob X. Wang is an expert in biosphere-atmosphere interactions. His broad research interests have included the carbon and hydrological cycles, studying how soil, plants, water and the atmosphere act upon one another. Wang has conducted research on global warming, mathematical modeling, and stable isotopes, such as carbon dioxide and water, by investigating how these compounds are exchanged during photosynthesis.

Since joining USF St. Petersburg in 2003, Dr. Wang has served as an instructor, lab manager, safety officer, panelist for the National Science Foundation and judge for the Pinellas County History Fair. Prior to joining USF St. Petersburg, he worked as a senior software developer and research associate in Canada. Dr. Wang has co-authored nine peer-reviewed papers appearing in international journals.

Dr. Wang teaches undergraduate courses on topics such as general chemistry and environmental science. He has received numerous employee of the year awards at USF St. Petersburg.