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student eligibility and internship requirements

In order to earn academic credit for an internship, the student must plan and may register for 0-3 credit hour (see and advisor for furthur information on credit hours). Before registering be sure to confirm your eligbility and internship requirements that are listed below. 

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be of junior or senior standing
  • Students must have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA 
  • Students should have passed CHM 2210L (Organic Lab I) and CHM 3120C with a "C" letter grade. It is strongly recommended to have taken CHM 4802 (Safety in the Chemistry Lab) before attempting to get an internship.

Pre-Internship Requirements

You need to complete your profile and load your resume on Handshake. If you want empolyers to be able to view your resume, you must click on "Allow employer viewing" in your Profile. 

You should be checking weekly once you load your resume. This is where most permananet jobs will be listed and can be a site to use when looking for permanent employment upon graduation. Even if you find your own internship, you should acquainted with the way this website works. 

USF Career services has many resources chemistry students can use in their search for a job.

Career Services Find Your Path Brochure

Requirements for Internship to be Eligible for Academic Credit

  • Students are required to work a minimum of 150 hours at the internship site over the course of a 15-week semester, or a minimum of 10 hours per week if completed during Summer.
  • Students can recieve academic credit for paid internships.
  • Students are not allowed to recieve credit if they intern with a familty business or if a relative is serving as the on-site supervisor. 
  • Normal tuition policies apply for the internship credit course.

Internship Approval Process

In order for a student to do an internship for academic credit, the work experience must be evaluated by the department of chemistry representative. In order to do this, we need a job description from the organization sponsoring the internship. The internship must be paid in order to qualify for academic cedit. 

Please fill out the qualtrics explaining the job description of the internship.

Once a job description has been submitted, the department representative will review the job description to make certain the job is substantial enough to justify academic credit. Assuming that is approved, the department representative will then contact the student. Registration for internships cannot occur before the start of the general registration period for the semester involved. This registration should take place prior to starting the internship, or in the very early stages of the internship. Please note, students will NOT be allowed to register for an internship after they have completed it. 

Once approved for the Internship Credit course, use the following link to register for the internship course:

Interns Responsibility

  • Students are representing the USF department of chemistry and should display professional behavior, follow the proper dress code and report to work on time.
  • Students should continue the internship for the duration that was agreed.
  • Interns should perform all tasks in a professional manner.
  • Interns must follow the personnel policies of the internship employer/company and keep sensitive information gained in the work enviornment confidential.
  • Student should maintain contact with the internship course instructor and complete assignments listed on the course syllabus. 

Career Services

Professional Organizations

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