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Grazier Lecture

The Grazier Lecture is the keynote event of Communication Day. Each year the department selects a renowned communication scholar to deliver the Grazier Lecture, participate in other Communication Day events, and attend our Awards Banquet.

The Grazier Lecture is an endowed lecture made possible by a generous gift by Catherine Grazier Coit, who was an undergraduate major in the Department of Communication. Ms. Coit provided this gift in honor of her father, Allen C. Grazier, who was a great champion of public education in Florida.

Information about the upcoming 2019 Grazier Lecturer

D. Soyini Madison

 D. Soyini Madison is a professor in the Department of Performance Studies and served as interim director of the Program in African Studies. She has published six books: The Woman That I Am (1994); The Sage Handbook of Performance Studies, Co-Edited with Judith Hamera (2006); Acts of Activism (2010); African Dress: Fashion, Agency, and Performance, co-edited with Karen Tranberg Hansen (2013); PerformED Ethnography and Communication: Improvisation and Embodied Experience (2018) and the Third Edition of Critical Ethnography: Methods, Ethics, and Performance (2019). Madison’s performed ethnographies have been adapted for the stage in the U.S.A, United Kingdom, and West Africa, including: “Is It a Human Being or a Girl?”, “Water Rites”, and “Labor Rites.” Madison lived in West Africa as a senior Fullbright Scholar and conducted field research on the performance tactics of local human rights and social justice activists in Ghana.

The following distinguished scholars have delivered the Grazier Lecture:
Year Grazier Lecturer Affliation 
Upcoming: 2019 Dr. D. Soyini Madison Northwestern University
2018 Kevin Barge Texas A&M University
2017 Gail Fairhurst University of Cincinnati
2016 Radhika Gajjala Bowling Green State University
2015 Sarah Tracy Arizona State University 
2014 Kent Ono University of Utah 
2013 Ronald Arnett Duquesne University
2012 Francois Cooren Université de Montreal
2011  Steven Hartnett University of Colorado, Denver
2010 Ron Pelias Southern Illinois University
2009 Dana Cloud University of Texas, Austin
2008 Karen Tracy University of Colorado, Boulder
2007 Bruce Gronbeck University of Iowa
2006 Michael Hyde Wake Forest University
2005 Tom Frentz University of Arkansas
2004 Donna Nudd Florida State University
2003 H. Lloyd (Buddy) Goodall Arizona State University
2002 Larry Grossberg University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2001 Marsha Vanderford Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2000 John Stewart University Washington
1999 Paul Gray University of Texas, Austin
1997 Mark McPhail University of Utah
1996 Kristen Langellier University of Maine
1995 Carole Blair University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
1994 Glen Stamp Ball State University
1992 Bob Ivie Indiana University
1991 Mark Knapp University of Texas, Austin
1990 Sam Becker University of Iowa
1989 Josh Meyrowitz University of New Hampshire