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Dr. Aisha Durham Awarded 2021 Ellis-Bochner Autoethnography and Personal Narrative Research Award

Dr. Aisha Durham is the recipient of the 2021 Ellis-Bochner Autoethnography and Personal Narrative Research Award for her publication, “Wounded: Diagnosis (for a) Black Woman.”  

Dr. Durham will receive her award from the International Symposium on Autoethnography and Narrative (ISAN) during the January conference. 

A copy of the book chapter is available online at the USF Library.

Dr. Navita James awarded Francine Merritt Award for 2021

Statement by the NCA Woman's Caucus: The Women's Caucus mission is “to advocate for women's improved status, voice, and opportunities in the discipline. In doing so, we are committed to exploring the diversity and complexities of women's lives in terms of their academic and professional experiences. ” We feel Navita's life work is an exemplar of this kind of a difference.

The Women’s Caucus offers the Francine Merritt Award to someone who has made a difference in the field of communication through her/his mentoring, service, advocacy, teaching, and scholarship.

USF Department of Communication scholars win Top Paper Awards at NCA 2021

Patrice Buzzanell
"Identity through Affective Solidarity: Understanding the Communicative Construction of Identity in Online Men’s Rights Spaces" - Organizational Communication Division

David Dooling
"Strutting Toward the Grave: Narrating the Heteropatriarchal Lifespan" - Ethnography Division

Rachel Dubrofsky
"Authenticity as a Strategy of Whiteness" - Performance Studies Division

Anjuliet Woodruffe
"Conversations with My Son: A Poetic Autoethnography of Black Mothering Experiences" - Ethnography Division

Steven Wilson, Jonathan Baker, Eric Viera, Ryan Richter, Josh Scacco
"Analyzing News Media Framing of The Military-Civilian Divide" - Communication and Military Division

Anjuliet Woodruffe awarded the 2021 NCA Donald P. Cushman Memorial Award & The John Warren Top Student Paper Award 2021

The Donald P. Cushman Memorial Award honors the top-ranked student-authored paper from all NCA units that competitively rank papers for programming at the NCA Annual Convention.

The John Warren Top Student Paper Award 2021 honors Anjuliet Woodruffe's "Conversations with My Son: A Poetic Autoethnography of Black Mothering Experiences"

Dr. Aisha Durham awarded the 2021 NCA Marsha Houston Award

The award honors Dr. Marsha Houston, noted African American feminist communication scholar, who was instrumental in helping raise and duly ensure recognition of the collective academic voices of African American women and other women of color in conventional feminist communication. This award will be given to a junior to mid-level career woman scholar whose scholarship and research, teaching, service and advocacy to academe and their local communities (especially as it pertains to activism) embodies critically examining social justice issues, diversity/inclusion, equity. Diversity would include any focus on marginalized or un(der)represented populations and initiative to problem solved improve local, regional, national, or global community.

Dr. Patrice Buzzanell awarded the 2021 Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award

The award is presented to the person judged to have made the greatest contribution to the association and to the profession during their career and is generally, but not necessarily, given to a person who has made a number of contributions during their career. The contributions may be in research, teaching, or service. In most cases, the individual selected will have made outstanding contributions in all three areas.

Dr. Steve Wilson awarded the 2021 NCA Mark Knapp Award in Interpersonal Communication

The Mark L. Knapp Award in Interpersonal Communication recognizes career contributions to the study of interpersonal communication. The award recognizes individuals who have made significant scholarly contributions to the study of interaction and/or relational processes. This recipient will also have contributed to the quality of interpersonal communication through active involvement in the discipline, significant mentoring of students, and/or public service focused on interpersonal communication.