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Public Speaking for Professionals

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Public speaking is an essential skill for all professionals. In this course you will learn communication and presentation skills to help you navigate the workplace, formal presentations, and special events. By gaining experience in preparing and executing formal presentations, you will develop a skillset to effectively interact with the professional world. Explore strategies and techniques for developing public speaking in an interactive, fully-online course, packed with interactive activities and pdf resources.

About this Course

Program Details

Format: Online
Time: Approximately 4 hours
Modules: 4
Fee: $495

Objectives & Overview

The purpose of this course is to help prepare professionals to research, create, and execute formal presentations. Throughout this course, professionals will develop their communication and presentation skills, and learn strategies for a wide variety of public presentations, from the workplace to formal occasions.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  1. develop detailed content and speaking outlines 
  2. research, develop, and prepare formal presentations 
  3. identify and apply audience analysis strategies in formal presentations 
  4. develop and deliver verbal in-speech citations 

This course is organized into four modules. Each module contains a quiz activity as well as an interactive practice exercise, alongside videos and printable resources.

  • Module 1: Organizing Professional Presentations
  • Module 2: Audience Analysis and Adapting Presentations for Specific Audiences
  • Module 3: Developing Speaker Credibility
  • Module 4: Delivering Presentations with Confidence

Who Should Enroll?

This course is aimed at professionals who wish to gain experience in creating and delivering formal presentations, while sharpening their public speaking expertise.

How Will This Course Benefit Me?

Public speaking is a skill that benefits professionals at all levels of an organization. It improves your ability to communicate with other professionals, and improves your ability to communicate ideas, persuade others, and interact socially. Communication is an essential part of life, and improving your ability to do so effectively can open up new paths in work and in life.

Method of Delivery

This course is fully online and asychronous, allowing the flexibility for participants to learn on their own schedule. The self-paced course consists of four modules, and can be completed in multiple sittings to accomodate busy schedules. On average, the entire course can be completed in approximately 4 hours, though participants have 14 days after registration to access and complete the content.

Course Sponsors

Meet the Course Developer

Dr. Aubrey Huber, Associate Professor, Department of Communication 

Dr. Aubrey Huber

Dr. Huber earned her PhD in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University with an emphasis in performance studies and communication pedagogy. She has been a faculty member in the Department of Communication at USF since 2012, and served as the Director of Public Speaking from 2014-2023. She teaches courses in the areas of public speaking, pedagogy, and performance studies, and enjoys working with instructors to develop pragmatic and theoretical approaches to teaching. She also works with professionals as a communication consultant and public speaking coach. She offers one-on-one and group coaching as well as workshop design and facilitation for larger groups.

To reach her for consultation or coaching services, please reach out to her via e-mail:


Registration & Login

Who can I contact if I experience a technical or account issue?

If you have any complications with your Canvas account, please email for support.

For any technical questions, please contact Kevin Hitt.


Will there be any homework, pre-reading, or other required materials?

No, there is no homework or pre-reading in this program. The $495 registration fee is inclusive, and there are no hidden fees or additional materials that participants are required to purchase.

Are there exams or quizzes? What is required to earn the digital badge?

There are quizzes and practice activities to allow participants to demonstrate how they’ve understood and applied the educational material. To earn the certificate and badge, participants need to complete all four modules of the course.

Will I be required to speak in front of others as part of the course?

No, the course is self-paced and online, with quizzes and practice activities that allow participants to demonstrate their understanding of the material. Live presentations are not required.

How long should it take me to finish the course?

Most people complete this four-module program in about four hours. However, participants will have access to the content for 14 days after registration to complete the certificate program. If you are experiencing issues and are unable to complete the course within the 14-day time frame, please email

How long will I have access to the course?

Participants will have access to the content for 14 days after registration.

Who can I contact if I have questions about course content?

For queries regarding course content, please contact Dr. Aubrey Huber.

Digital Badge

When can I claim my digital badge?

Upon completed all the module quizzes, you will receive instructions on claiming your digital badge.

When should I expect to receive my digital badge?

Within 48 hours of completion of the final module, you will receive an invitation sent by to accept the certificate and badge. To avoid issues with spam filters, please add to your safe sender lists.

Participants who do not receive the invitation should first check their junk and spam folders; those who cannot find it can reach out to for assistance.

The badging platform allows users to print a PDF certificate. No hard copies are mailed.