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Many of the scholarships the School of Information offered are only possible through donations. Those donations go directly to students to help support their studies in the MLIS program.

2023-2024 Award Cycle

H.W. Wilson Scholarship

Emily Colley

Emily Colley

"It allows me to
devote more time and energy to my studies, research, and engagement with the academic
community, which is a precious gift."

Melody Ezik

"I aspire to lead a team of my own and to serve as a mentor to others in youth services."


Annie Mena-Omeir

"The H.W. Wilson Endowed Scholarship not only supports my personal aspirations but also reinforces the importance of library services and resources in our society."


Jennifer Morgan

"Thanks to your generous support, I will participate in crucial coursework that outlines best practices in digitization and digital archives."

Johnie Key Thompson memorial Scholarship

autumn bryan
Autumn Bryan

"I hope to employ the skills and education I receive from USF in my work with youth services and sharing all that I have learned with the bright young minds at the library. 

paulina cespedes

Paulina Oporto Cespedes

"This scholarship means so much to me because it will help alleviate the financial burden
associated with graduate school."

Melody Ezik

Melody Ezik

"Because of your generosity, I can complete my studies and continue to grow in my profession."

carolyn mcewen

Carolyn Mcewen

"I am well on my way to becoming a Children’s and/or Young Adult Librarian. Your donation will help me achieve that goal.."

annie mena omier

Annie Mena-Omier

"By investing in my education, you are investing in the future of our community."

Patricia Andrew Cone

Rachel Belanger

Rachel Belanger

"Thank you again for your generosity to those of us who are returning for more schooling later in life!"

Jacrissa Williams

JaChrissia Williams

 "The scholarship has helped me become one step closer to achieving my academic goals."