Student Resources


Undergraduate students in the B.S. Information Studies (BSIS) program will work closely with an assigned academic advisor throughout their undergraduate college career to outline their program of study, determine which courses to take, and plan for any changes that may arise. In addition, advising is available for undergraduate students pursuing the Intelligence Studies Minor. USF provides a number of resources for students to refer to when looking to meet with an academic advisor. 


For information about the College of Arts and Science (CAS) academic advising and scheduling appointments, view the link above. Currently, the CAS Academic Advisors offer Teams (electronic) and phone advising appointments. Advising appointments may be scheduled by both current USF students and prospective USF students. 
If you need a permit for a course please complete the following form


For information about drop-in CAS advising appointments and schedules, view the link above.

*Please note that drop-in advising is intended for current USF students only. We respectfully ask that prospective students come in for full advising appointments or attend admission recruiting events, which are geared to provide you services when our current students are not in critical need.