M.S. Cybersecurity Intelligence and Information Security


The Master of Science (M.S.) in Cybersecurity Intelligence and Information Security is an applied graduate major designed to develop information security/cybersecurity professionals who specialize in the intelligence function. The program can be completed entirely online. The major is grounded in an innovative STEM-based model for professional analytic education.

As national leader in Cyber Intelligence Education, USF's program is based on an integrated technical-analytic curriculum that includes a foundation based on an integrated technical-analytic curriculum, the program includes a foundation of technical courses that address principles and practices for identifying, assessing, and managing threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization’s informational assets; the role of cryptographic algorithms and systems in protecting against those threats; and the technical and operational aspects of data/computer communication networks, including network management and security.

Specialized cyber intelligence courses prepare graduates to collect on and assess the intentions, capabilities, and activities of potential adversaries, malign actors, and insiders in the cyber domain. Cyber intelligence helps organizations to understand their specific attack surfaces and move beyond a cybersecurity model of perimeter defense to a model that is more proactive by strategically aligning the defensive capabilities with the value/risk of specific company assets.

Major Research Areas

Cybersecurity, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Operations, Intelligence Analysis, Cyber Analytics, Information Analytics, and National Security.

Admissions Requirements

Information about admissions to the M.S. Cybersecurity Intelligence and Information Security program can be found in the USF Graduate Catalog.

University specific admissions requirements can be found here.

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Degree Requirements

The M.S. in Intelligence Studies is a 33 credit program and can be completed entirely online. To find more information about the degree requirements please refer to the USF Graduate Catalog.

Financial resources

Students will find a number of scholarship opportunities at USF and within the School of Information. For School of Information scholarships, please visit our Scholarship page