M.A. Library and Information Science

About the Program


The School of Information offers an American Library Association (ALA) accredited degree program that includes the competencies and skills which are essential for a library and information science professional to perform at a high level of proficiency. Students complete a set of six required core courses as the foundation for the degree and can choose a path through additional electives in alignment with their professional goals and interests.The USF MLIS program is taught fully online and all courses are asynchronous.

Note: If you choose the path to specialize in becoming a School Librarian / Media Specialist, please note that certification is granted by the Florida Department of Education. All candidates for Educational Media certification are required to take the Florida Teacher Certification Examination in School Media. The School of Information cannot provide any documentation indicating that you have met certification requirements.

USF M.A. Library and Information Science (MLIS) Graduate Program-Level Learning Outcomes

The program-level learning outcomes provide a guide for the knowledge and skills that are taught and assessed across the MLIS graduate curriculum, with the ultimate goal being that each graduate of the MLIS program can demonstrate proficiency in these areas.

Goal I: Leadership and Innovation

Goal II: Systems and Services

Goal III: Knowledge Representation

Goal IV: Theory Praxis

Admission Process

Information about admissions to the MLIS program can be found in the USF Graduate Catalog. 

University specific admission requirements can be found here

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Degree Requirements

Students seeking a MLIS degree must complete 39 semester hours of coursework during which they must maintain an average of "B" or better and no more than two grades of "C" will be accepted. The MLIS degree may be obtained fully online. For specific information about degree requirements, visit the USF Graduate Catalog.

Financial resources

Students will find a number of scholarship opportunities at USF and within the School of Information. For School of Information scholarships, please visit our Scholarship page