Serving the needs of students

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers diverse courses to serve the needs of students across the university.  

The Department is committed to excellence in undergraduate instruction and continually seeks to employ evidence-based best practices in its pedagogy. Each 1000-level course follows the Emporium Course Model by incorporating computer-aided instruction and using USF’s SMART Lab. Sections of first-semester calculus courses regularly use Peer Leaders to implement the POGIL model of student learning. Peer Leaders are undergraduates who meet with students once a week and guide them through inquiry-based learning activities.


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers majors in mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics, as well as a minor in mathematics.

These programs offers a diverse collection of courses designed not only to enable students to pursue a profession in mathematics itself, but also to enhance students’ competence in the fields of engineering, the physical sciences, the life sciences, and the social sciences. These programs emphasize the broad nature of modern mathematics and its close associations with the real world and prepares students for careers in industry or secondary education, as well as entry into graduate school.