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The Political Science major studies the philosophy and institutions of government, as well as the behavioral elements of politics. It specifically focuses on American political institutions, state and local government, political behavior, elections, constitutional law, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory.

Courses in this major will provide students with a detailed study of the institutions and processes of American Government, foundations in Political Theory, as well as an examination of the international system and foreign political systems through the study of International Relations and Comparative Politics. The nature and context of the program allows students, upon completion of the program, to confidently move on to an advanced degree in Political Science, seek employment in the public sector, or utilize skills acquired in analysis, communication and writing in private sector pursuits.


The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies at the University of South Florida offers a Bachelor's in Political Science. For a listing of the admission and degree requirements needed to obtain the Bachelor's in International Studies, students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog. Students should adhere to the requirements within the undergraduate catalog under which they were admitted

Minor in Political Science

For a listing of the requirements needed to obtain a minor in Political Science, students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog. Students should adhere to the requirements within the undergraduate catalog under which they were admitted.

Additional information on this minor
Students using transfer credit hours toward a minor in Political Science must complete 12 credit hours from USF to meet residency requirements.
Students should discuss with a POL Advisor if internships and study abroad credits can be applied to their POL minor.  The Washington Center, Legislative Internship Program, and Tallahassee Internship Program credits can be approved for usage in the minor.

Students should complete POT 3003, prior to completing any other POT (Political Theory) courses

Students should complete POS 2041, prior to completing any 3000/4000 level POS (American National and State Government) courses

Students should complete INR 2002 or INR 3011, prior to completing other 3000/4000 level INR (International Relations) courses

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