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Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (MALACS) is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to design their courses based on their own research and career interests. The master of arts in Latin American and Caribbean studies students study the religious, political, economic, social and cultural processes shaping Latin America, the Caribbean, as well as those of Latinos and Latinas in the United States. Graduates acquire expertise that allows them to become leaders in a variety of fields, including government, non-governmental organizations, education, business, and human and social services, among others. Possible specializations include comparative politics, sociology, history, Africana Studies, international relations, foreign policy, Public Health, Social Science Education, literature, linguistics, cultural anthropology, communication, culture and media studies, among others. Full-time students typically complete the program in two years.

A joint master's with the History Department of the Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla, Colombia, is possible at no additional cost, allowing students in this degree program to spend one year at one of the top universities of Colombia and Latin America and earn a Colombian master's degree in History in addition to their degree from USF. The joint USF – UNINORTE master's typically takes three years to complete.


The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies at the University of South Florida offers a master's in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino studies. For a listing of the admission requirements, students should consult the Graduate Catalog.

Students must apply for admission through the Office of Graduate Admissions. The School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies admits for the fall and spring semesters.  

*International students should review the Office of Admissions International Students website for additional information and requirements.

*International students are also encouraged to contact the Office of International Services for information on visas, international travel, etc.

Program Requirements

For the Master's in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino studies degree requirements, students should consult the Graduate Catalog. Students should adhere to the requirements within the Graduate Catalog under which they were admitted.

*Students must request approval from the graduate director for any course not pre-approved and listed under the degree in the Graduate Catalog. 

Financial Assistance

Each year SIGS hires a small number of MA-level graduate assistants to support its undergraduate classes. This is the only form of financial assistance offered by the department. To learn more about how to apply for one of these positions, please visit our graduate assistantships page. 

To learn about other financial assistance opportunities, please visit USF’s Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Graduate Studies Funding website.  

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