Career Resources


Sociology and ISS are broad undergraduate degree programs that provide students with the knowledge and skills to enter a wide variety of occupations or graduate degree programs. Many of our undergraduates are preparing to enter the work force upon completing their degrees. Others are preparing to apply to professional (e.g., law, social work, business, public health, education) or academic (e.g., sociology, anthropology, criminology, communications, etc.) graduate degree programs.

Regardless of your plans, it is important that you be proactive in tailoring your college experience -- including your selections of courses, internships, undergraduate research experiences, education abroad programs, etc. -- to help you realize your career goals. USF and the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences offer a variety of services and tools to get you started. These include the USF Career Services and your academic advisors, who can help you prepare for a career that suits your interests, aptitudes, and the current and projected job market. 

Further career resources for undergraduate students majoring in Sociology or ISS may be obtained from: