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A common question that students and parents ask is: "What can someone do with a degree in Sociology or Interdisciplinary Social Sciences?" The answer is that either of these degrees serves as an excellent springboard for a variety of careers in many diverse fields, ranging from human services, criminal justice, education, government, public policy, law, social science research, and business. That's because either of these degrees provides you with excellent intellectual and practical skills in communication, leadership, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, methodological reasoning, statistical analysis, and multicultural and global understanding.

Listed below are a variety of fields that have demand for sociology and social science majors and the types of careers that are available in each field.

Human Services: Counseling, Case Management, Advocacy, Mental Health Services, Administration

Criminal Justice: Corrections, Rehabilitation, Law Enforcement, Judiciary, Administration

Education: Teaching, Research, Administration

Government: Policy Analysis, City/Urban Planning, Population Dynamics, Demography, Administration

Social Science Research: Data Analysis, Market Research, Information Management and Sourcing

Environment: Policy Analysis, Climate Change, Developing Solutions to Environmental Problems

Business: Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Recruiting, Training and Development, Public Relations