Prospective Students

High School Students

We recommend that you first explore your academic interests as much as possible while in high school. Speak with your guidance counselor, your parents, and your teachers to find information and experiences which will inform and guide your decision. You can also visit the FloridaShines Get Ready for College website for more information on preparing while in high school.

As you start to identify the area of your interest, you should focus your high school course options to build a strong foundation in that discipline. For example, if you are interested in science research or becoming a physician, taking Calculus or Physics will better prepare you for your goals than taking College Algebra or Environmental Science. Academic advisors at USF can help you identify the courses that will best prepare you for your intended major and career goal.

Accelerated Credit

Accelerated credit includes AP, IB, AICE, and/or CAPE credit as well as Dual Enrollment coursework. This coursework applies to your high school degree, and will also count as college credit when you enter the university.

You can review how accelerated credit is accepted by USF on the USF Credit-By-Exam website. For your credits to transfer, you must submit the official documents to USF Admissions.

If you have completed accelerated credit, please speak with your advisor before re-taking any courses. We can help you to plan for your future and professional goals without repeating unnecessary coursework.

College Showcase at USF Admissions' Recruiting Events

Another way you can interact with our advisors and learn more about our majors is to attend the USF Stampede to Success. The Stampede event is designed for prospective high school students who wish to visit USF and explore the different majors and offerings available. You can find information about Stampede to Success at the USF Admissions website.