Prospective Students

Second Degree Seeking Students

Students pursuing a second Bachelor's degree after they have already completed their first degree are referred to as Post-Baccalaureate. Second degree requirements differ slightly because much of the first degree can apply to the second degree. For the most part, a second degree is focused on the major requirements and university residency.

The purpose of completing a second undergraduate degree is to expand your academic knowledge and skills. Largely, students are picking up necessary coursework to meet career and post-secondary school requirements. Students must select a major that does not significantly overlap with their first major.

For example, a student with their first degree in Political Science may return to school to pick up a World Languages & Cultures degree to expand their opportunities in international affairs or business.

Knowing your purpose for pursuing a second undergraduate degree will help you to determine which major is right for you. Because there is less to complete in a second degree, developing a plan to use your courses to meet your career goals must be a priority. Please take advantage of meeting with an advisor to ensure that the major you select will provide you the opportunities to accomplish the goal you plan to achieve.

The Florida Excess Credit Hour Surcharge legislation also applies to second degree seekers. If the legislation applies to you, your Excess Hour limit will be reconfigured in your first term, so you have enough credit hours to complete your new requirements.

First Degree from USF

If you made plans to come back for a second degree, before you graduated, please communicate this with your advisor and/or graduation certifier. They can help ease your transition and provide instruction on how to take your next steps.

First Degree from Another Institution

It is important to be aware that a second degree seeking student from another institution must take at least 30 USF credits (50% in the major) in addition to meeting all other requirements to be eligible to graduate.