Prospective Students

Transfer Students

If you haven't already, identifying your academic interests and career goals is your top priority. Speak with your career counselor/academic advisor, your parents, fellow students, and your instructors to find information and experiences which will inform and guide your decision. You can also find information on FloridaShines Transfer Schools website about preparing to transfer from another Florida state institution. 

As you start to identify the area of your interest, you should focus your current college course options to take the required prerequisites for the major you intend to apply for at USF. Without the appropriate coursework already complete, you may not be eligible for your preferred major. Thankfully, there are many academic paths that will prepare a student for a similar career goal. However, early preparation will be the most satisfying and provide the most options.

For the College of Arts & Sciences, our natural science and mathematics majors have specific transfer admission criteria. If that is your area of interest, please view the documents on the Admissions Criteria.

Transferring from a Florida Public Institution

There are many fantastic policies that will help ease your transition.

  • Florida AA
  • FUSE
  • State Common Course Coding
  • State Mandated Pre-reqs

Transferring from a Private or Out-of-State Institution

We offer appointments using Microsoft Teams for those who are not local but still wish to meet with an advisor. We would encourage you to share your transfer information in advance of that appointment so that your advisor will be best prepared to answer your questions.