Prospective Students

Admission Criteria

To declare a major in our college, students must be able to graduate on time as outlined in the USF Degree Progression Policy. The goals of this policy are to ensure students can graduate timely with the lowest overall costs. This allows our students to more rapidly progress through their degree programs and move into the work force without a large student loan debt. For a student who transfers to USF as a Junior (will be earning at least 60 hours prior to entry), the student will be restricted to declaring majors in which they are able to graduate within the next two years (after completing approximately 60 new credit hours).  

To meet the Degree Progression Policy and graduate on time, transfer students interested in pursuing natural sciences and mathematics majors will need transfer credits complete in specific science and math coursework prior to entry. To maximize opportunity for students to pursue a natural science or mathematics major, we have created flexible (where possible) sets of courses to meet admission criteria. Each list of admission criteria are designed to address the different progression needs for our varied majors. 

Transfer Admission Requirements

Support Prior to Transfer 

All interested students can receive transfer preparation support from the USF Office of Transfer Student Success Advisors. You are also invited to make prospective student appointments with our Academic Advisors to plan for your transition to USF. If you are interested in a natural sciences or mathematics major, we highly recommend making plans well in advance to ensure your first two years prepare you to enter and complete your USF degree on time. 

If you are currently pursuing an Associate of Arts at a Florida State or Community College, you may want to consider using the USF FUSE program, which can assist you in preparing to transfer into your preferred USF natural science and mathematics program, and also comes with perks like early access to USF facilities, events and activities.

If you are also interested in pursuing a health professional career, our Health Professions Advisors offer workshops for prospective USF undergraduate students to inform them about what it means to be a competitive applicant to a health professions program.

You can find the general admissions requirements, application deadlines, and other information on the USF Admissions Transfer Website. The natural sciences and mathematics admission criteria provided above varies slightly from the USF Admissions selective major information. Here we have provided some pre-approved alternatives where it is possible for a student to meet degree progression and allow for differences students can have in their academic journey.