Course Eligibility


Some courses require prior or concurrent knowledge to be completed successfully. When that is the case, students will need to complete one or more prerequisite courses prior to entering the advanced option. Prerequisites are determined by the department that offers the course and cannot be waived. Courses with prerequisites will be noted in the Schedule Planner, and students can verify their eligibility with their advisor.


Some courses function more effectively when taken together. When this is the case, they are required to be taken in the same semester. For example, some lectures require the corresponding lab be taken at the same time. These restrictions will be noted in Schedule Planner.

Other Course Restrictions

Major Restrictions

Certain courses are restricted to specific majors, either because the content is primarily relevant to that major or to ensure students who need these courses to progress are able to enroll. These courses may be open to non-majors later in the registration cycle and may require requesting a permit from the department that offers the course.

Class Restrictions

Certain courses are restricted to students based on progression in their degree (i.e. junior/senior). Students should meet the specific class restriction to enroll, but in some cases, an exception can be made. Contact an advisor in the department offering the course to be considered for an exception.

Faculty Restrictions

Some classes require a student meet and discuss the course with the instructor prior to enrollment to determine preparedness. If a course is noted as requiring "Consent of Instructor" on Schedule Planner, students should contact the instructor of record directly.


Permits are manually entered permissions that allow students to register for coursework. They may be required to monitor enrollment in courses as well as to assist students with any registration errors. If students encounter a course with a permit restriction, they should request a permit using the electronic request forms available on department websites. In some cases, students who encounter registration errors may also be eligible for a permit. If they believe this to be the case, they should include a note explaining why they believe they are eligible for the permit when submitting the request.

Check out the CAS Permit Request Guide if you are unsure how to request a permit for a CAS course.