Other Important Registration Forms

Financial Aid Forms

The Office of Financial Aid provides access to many forms needed to obtain, maintain, or reinstate various types of financial aid. Students can find the forms on their website and should always consult directly with the Office of Financial Aid to determine their eligibility, requirements, etc.

Some financial aid forms require advisor verification. Please schedule an appointment with your major advisor to complete these forms.

Education Abroad

Pre-approved credit

Students who plan to study abroad will need to complete a course approval form with their major advisor. They should contact their advisor directly to determine whether this should be completed in an appointment or by email. These forms can be found on the Education Abroad website connected to individual programs.

Non Pre-approved credit

Students who are studying abroad through a program without currently approved USF credit will need to work directly with the CAS Office to obtain course approvals.

Before submitting a Program Course Approval Form, please consider the following:

  • Review the available courses from the host institution.
  • Select the courses you would like to take.
  • Collect and print the syllabi and/or course descriptions for the desired courses.

If you need assistance, contact the Education Abroad Office at (813) 974-4314 or EducationAbroad.

Print and complete the necessary forms:
USF Non-Pre Approved Program Course Approval Form (Transfer Credit)
You can include multiple courses on the same Course Approval Form Be sure to fill out all of the information pertaining to you (Name, UID, Host School) and the course(s) that you wish to be reviewed (Host School Course Info).

Submit the completed USF Non-Pre Approved Program Course Approval Form, and the corresponding syllabi or course descriptions, in-person or via fax.

  • In person to BEH 201
  • By fax to (813) 974-4075

You will receive an email from a CAS Abroad Representative informing you about the course equivalency status within a minimum of 30 business days. Please note that during peak advising times (e.g. the first week of a semester, University closures), the review of the form may be delayed longer than 30 business days. If a CAS Abroad Representative contacts you for additional information, please be sure to respond promptly with the necessary information. Delays in your response will add further delay to the review of your form. Monitor your USF email carefully for any emails from the CAS Abroad Representative.

Once the CAS Abroad Representative determines course equivalency, your form will be forwarded to your academic advisor so that they can complete the “Grad Req.?” column and sign the form. You will be copied on this email. You wil then submit the completed form to USF Education Abroad.


USF students are expected to complete their coursework at USF. Students who wish to request to take courses at another institution must submit the online Transient form prior to registering for courses at another institution. Students should use the comment section of the online form to explain the purpose of taking coursework at another institution.

To be eligible for approval, the courses you are requesting to take at another institution must meet the following criteria:

Course(s) must be necessary for graduation in current declared major. This can include courses which are prerequisite courses necessary to take other major required courses.

Must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Course(s) are not available at USF and are academically necessary to be taken this semester. This can include courses not offered at USF this semester, courses which are full at USF this semester, or courses which overlap with another required course.
  • Student has an extenuating, necessary, and documentable reason which prevents the student from being available to take courses at USF.

USF Students who take courses at another accredited institution of higher learning are considered Transient students. To receive approval and confirmation of how those courses will transfer back to USF, you will need to complete the online Florida Shines Transient Form.


You may register for and attend a USF course without receiving academic credits. Your registration must be completed prior to the end of the fifth business day of the term through the Office of the Registrar, SVC 1034. You must provide a course audit form and a date-stamped permit from the campus/college/department offering the course you wish to audit. Please note that an in-state tuition rate will be assessed, no academic credit will be earned, and the grade notation on your record will simply indicate that the course was taken for audit.