Registration Restrictions

When you register for classes, you may encounter a variety of restrictions. These do not mean you cannot register, but you may need to take additional steps to complete the process.


You can find a complete list of the holds at USF on the Undergraduate Studies Holds website. Additionally, instructions to clear your hold can be found in OASIS.

Listed below are the registration holds linked directly to your academic requirements. If you need more assistance, please email your major advisor with your name, U#, and the code for your hold. Some of these holds may require you to meet with your advisor. You can schedule an appointment through Archivum

AA Hold

This is a Mandatory First-Year Undergraduate Academic Advising Hold. It is placed on First-Year student accounts for the first two registration periods (typically Spring and Summer/Fall). CAS students will need to complete the Academic Advising Tutorial in Canvas. You should be enrolled after attending Orientation, but if you are not, contact your major advisor.

Your major advisor will be able to lift this hold for you. If you intend to change majors, then you will need to contact your new major advisor to have this hold removed. If you are not sure who that advisor is, you can find their contact information by selecting the major you are interested in via the Undergraduate Catalog List of Majors.

AF Hold

All former USF students returning to complete their degree are required to meet with their academic advisor before registering for their first semester back, in place of attending orientation for a second time. Students must meet with their major advisor in an appointment to remove this hold.

AL Hold

CAS students who are behind on their critical major coursework and who are working with an advisor to develop a degree plan aimed at meeting graduation requirements in the timeliest manner may have an AL Hold placed on their account by their major advisor. Students must meet with their major advisor in an appointment to remove this hold.

AO Hold

CAS students who complete Pre-Orientation advising are eligible to register for classes prior to attending orientation. Because orientation is state mandated, students who miss their scheduled orientation will receive an AO Hold. This hold will be lifted once the student has completed the mandatory orientation requirement. If the mandatory orientation requirement is not met, they will be removed from any courses they are enrolled in and their admission to USF will be cancelled. 

AP Hold

This is an Academic Probation Hold. It is placed on your account if your USF GPA falls below a 2.0. You must complete the CAS AP Tutorial on CANVAS and meet with your Academic Advisor in an appointment before this hold can be lifted.

AR Hold

This is an Admissions, Missing Credentials hold. It is very important that your academic record is fully up to date to ensure accurate advising and Degree Works audits. Please view your Admissions record on OASIS to locate what is missing and turn it into the Admissions Office to have this hold removed. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Admissions Office

IT Hold

This hold refers to a mandatory online course on Academic Integrity that all students must complete during their first two months at USF. This course can be accessed through CANVAS. Students must also click the final submission link at the very end (in its own module) or else the course will not be considered complete. Finishing the course removes the hold automatically.

MJ Hold

This is a Major Declaration Hold. Students must declare a major after they have completed 45 credit hours. Declaration of Major for a College of Arts and Sciences major is done online using the Declaration Form.

NP Hold

NP holds are assigned by the Office of Academic Advocacy (OAA) for students who are not progressing through their major requirements and do not have an approved plan with their advisor. Students with this hold will need to meet with either their major advisor or OAA. Instruction on how to schedule an appointment with OAA can be found on their website.


Students are allowed to take a maximum number of 18 credit hours per semester in the fall and spring and 14 credit hours in the summer. If you wish to go over that amount of credit hours, you will need to complete the online form.

Time Conflict

Sometimes courses may have times that overlap and OASIS will not let you register for them. Only in rare circumstances will USF permit students to register for courses that are scheduled to meet at the same time or overlapping times. Time Conflict requests are processed through the college with professor approval. If you would like to submit a Time Conflict Form, please visit the College Forms page.