How to Withdraw

During the first week of each term, you can add and drop classes with no academic or financial implications. After drop/add week ends, removing a course from your schedule is considered a withdrawal, which means you receive a W on your transcript and are still financially liable for the associated tuition and fees. If you are considering withdrawing from a course it is best to discuss this decision with the appropriate parties.

  • First, meet with your instructor to confirm you actually need to withdraw. Perhaps you can still catch up and be successful!
  • Next, reach out to your advisor to confirm how this will affect your degree progression.
  • Then speak to Financial Aid to confirm how this may affect your eligibility to renew aid or if you will have to pay back any tuition.
  • If you are an international student you will also need to reach out to your International Services advisor to find out how a withdrawal may impact your Visa status.

After you have discussed withdrawing with these parties, if you have decided to continue with the withdrawal, you will process this request in OASIS using the following sequence: Student – Registration – Register, Add or Drop classes.

Withdrawing under special circumstances

Exceed withdraw limit

If you have already met your withdrawal limit, you can petition for a withdraw limit exemption prior to the withdrawal deadline.

Late Withdraw

If you encountered extenuating circumstances during the semester, you may also be eligible for a late withdrawal after the deadline.

Both of the above require several forms found on the CAS ARC page.