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Why Study at USF?

USF’s Creative Community

At the USF College of The Arts, we have a deep connection with local architecture, art, dance, music, theater, and contemporary art practices. Our active presence in the Tampa Bay area as a leading community design, visual, and performing arts educational organization allows us to provide our students with the necessary tools and inspiration to achieve exactly what they want from an arts education. Whether preparing for graduate studies or for professional creative careers, the USF College of The Arts will help you become a successful individual.


Our ambitious size — which consists of four separate schools, two concert halls, three theaters, a professional museum, a recently renovated student art gallery, digital media labs, and a world-renowned research atelier — prepares students through useful experiences and professional practice. Our professors are active professionals in their creative fields, producing work and research, and providing our students with excellent attention in a driven environment for success.


Our hands-on and student-centered environment is upheld by the surrounding University of South Florida and greater Tampa Bay community. As a top research university in the state, USF provides countless opportunities for students to explore their interests through research, study abroad, and extensive studio and library resources. Beyond campus, the city of Tampa and surrounding metropolitan areas hold several different art and design scenes centered around prominent museums, performing arts centers and galleries. The beauty of Tampa Bay is the mixture of our established arts and culture centers, and the flexibility for students to create their own opportunities to conduct scholarly and innovative work.


As a college, we offer public performances, exhibitions, lectures, plays, shows, concerts, workshops, and more—with national and international connections in the arts. As a student, you can write and produce a play, submit an art exhibition proposal, perform in a recital, and present your research from study abroad programs. The College of The Arts provides endless amounts of opportunities where students can learn to develop their own connections in the art world.