Accounts Receivable

Loan Provisions

Each loan type has different loan provisions. These provisions are in the promissory note and outlined in the exit interview.

Students must complete an exit interview upon graduation, dropping below half-time status, or no longer enrolled at USF by contacting Accounts Receivable at 813-974-6052.  All student records will be placed on hold until this requirement is met. All long-term loans receive a 9-month grace period before the first payment is due.

Borrowers may receive an in-school deferment on their loans, provided they are enrolled at least half time at a qualified school of higher education.

The provisions of the USF Student Loan (Institutional) program allows for in school deferments only.

The Federal Perkins Student Loan program allows for various deferments. The provisions of the Federal Perkins Student Loan vary depending on when you received the loan. The  terms of your promissory note govern whether you may be eligible for Forbearance, Military Service, Vista or Peace Corp., U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps,  Disability, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Parental Leave, Unemployment or Economic Hardship etc.

The Federal Perkins Student Loan program allows for cancellations. Eligibility depends on the terms of your specific promissory note. You may be eligible for Teacher  Cancellation; Permanent and Total Disability; Head Start and Peace Corps cancellation; Medical Technicians; Nursing; Law Enforcement; Correction Officers. Refer to your  promissory note for specifics.

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