Accounts Receivable

Returned Checks

If a check or e-check payment is returned by the bank for any reason (insufficient funds, closed account, stop payment, etc.) the returned check, along with a $25 returned check fee will be charged to the issuer's student account or to the account of the student on whose behalf the original check payment was presented. The $25.00 fee is assessed for each returned check regardless of the check amount. If the check was issued to pay for tuition, a $100 late payment fee will be charged to the student's account. Failure to clear a tuition check may result in cancellation of classes.

The student should receive a notification letter regarding the returned check and associated charges. The letter will also include instructions to pay the returned check and associated service fees within 10 business days. Payment may be made by credit or debit card, certified check, money order or cashier's check.

If an account indicates a history of returned checks, the University may suspend or revoke a student's check writing privileges. Returned checks that remain unpaid will be referred to the Office of the General Counsel and/or the State Attorney's Office. The account may also be referred to a collection agency.

For questions regarding returned checks, please contact:
Georgette Cox
Location: Tampa Campus SVC 1039
Phone: 813-974-2999
Fax: 813-974-3618