What's New in PCard

Addition of the Accessing LEVEL 3 DATA in FAST guide for use as an additional optional tool reconcilers can use to verity that the item description on receipts match the item description received from the Merchant/Vendor, click here. Please note not all suppliers provide Level 3 data.

Within the Reconcile Statement page, reconcilers can see old closed transactions, or new staged transactions that need reviewing and reconciliation. Here, reconcilers can easily find out which charges have Appian TRs associated to them, as they would depict a "Y" under the Appian Travel column. If there isn't a TR associated to a charge, then the field is blank. For more information, click here

Updated Expenditure Guide 7/27/2022

Who We Are

Procurement Card (PCard) Services is a unit of Procurement Service Department in the University Controller's Office and is responsible for the issuance of PCards, management & administration of the program, and ensuring compliance with rules, procedures, and policies related to PCard usage.

All cardholder activity statements and receipts can continue to be forwarded via e-mail to

What is a PCard?

The USF Procurement Card (PCard) is a University of South Florida VISA credit card issued by JPMorgan Chase. 

Purpose of the Program

The USF System PCard Program permits USF System management to authorize the issuance of PCards to USF System employees. PCards are allowed for purchases of small dollar commodities and services and travel for official USF system business. The PCard Program allows for business purchases to be conducted in a more efficient and cost-effective process across the Procure to Pay system.

PCard Authority

The USF System established a USF System PCard Policy (#5-026) effective August 20, 2009. The Policy describes what is allowable. Also, all PCard purchases are subject to all of the USF System and Florida Board of Governors regulations, policies and procedures as well as applicable Florida statues and Federal laws and regulations.


The USF System PCard Program provides the following benefits:

  • Streamlines the processes for small dollar orders and payments. The cost of purchasing goods and services with a PCard is significantly less than purchasing items via a purchase order.
  • Allows department personnel more time to perform other important tasks related to the University's educational mission.
  • Expands the vendor base by enabling cardholders to buy in person from local vendors, by telephone or online. Cardholders may also receive the lowest discounted price from vendors, since vendors will be paid quickly.
  • Pays merchants within 24 to 72 hours, depending upon when the merchant transmits the transaction to their servicing bank and how quickly the bank routes transactions to VISA.

PCard Guidelines Manual

The PCard Guidelines Manual is available as a PDF document for viewing and printing. Click here to access the manual.

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