Kate Tiedemann School of Business and Finance



  • Finance Major
    A career in finance can be both financially and intellectually rewarding. Most finance majors ultimately will find employment in banking, corporate finance, financial services, or investments but these are not the only industries where a finance degree can lead to a fulfulling career.

  • Personal Financial Planning Major
    USF's Personal Financial Planning program students will receive industry-specific training, which sets our graduates apart from the competition because they will be able to hit the ground running and require less training.


  • MS in Finance
    Students can complete the program in as quick as three semesters. In addition to preparing individuals for successful careers in finance-related professions, completion of the MSF program provides the necessary foundation to successfully complete such professional certifications as the CFA, CFP, CFM, CTP, and ChFc, among others.

  • PhD in Business Administration (Finance Concentration)
    The finance concentration offers an environment for intellectual growth and challenge. The concentration is designed to develop skills needed to pursue careers in major universities and as researchers in industry and government. Students will work closely with the faculty to produce publishable research.

Watch our 'Careers in Finance' video series to learn more about different career options available to finance students!