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Ordering Textbooks

Please note that there are USF required deadlines for book orders for Spring, Summer and Fall. Failure to meet these deadlines can result in a financial penalty for the Department. If you have questions on book orders for ABA, MSCABH or Rightpath please contact Tracy-Ann Gilbert-Smith. For questions on book orders for CRMHC please contact Sandra Dwinell.

Probation/Disciplinary Process

If you have students who you believe may be disrupting the academic process or failing to meet academic integrity guidelines please contact the program directors: Ray Miltenberger (ABA), Debra Mowery (MSCABH) Chih-Chin Chou (RMHC) or Ryan Henry (MFT). USF Policies can be found below.

Sexual Misconduct/Harassment

USF Syllabi Resources

Please note that if you are creating a new syllabus you must add this CFS approved Policy on Selling Notes to it:

Policy on Selling Notes: Students may take notes during lectures/class presentations and with the instructor's knowledge, make a recording of the lecture/presentation. Such notes and recordings may be used for individual or group study, or for other noncommercial purposes reasonably arising from the students enrollment. Notes, recordings, handouts and other material provided by the instructor cannot be exchanged or distributed for commercial purposes or for any purpose not related to a student's study or enrollment absent the express written authorization of the instructor. Selling or distributing notes, handouts, etc. without authorization or using them for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the University of South Florida and the instructor is a violation of the USF Student Code of conduct and expressly forbidden.

International Students

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

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