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How to Request and Approve Leave (Online course)

In GEMS, navigate to: Main Menu > Self Service > Learning and Development > Request Training Enrollment (and search by course name for "leave"

Suggestions for a New Supervisor (pre-evaluation)

  • Make new employees feel welcome! A few suggestions:
    • Introduce the new employee to this Departmental Policies & Procedures web page!! (Set the employee's home page to open to this?)
    • Introduce the new employee to colleagues in your division and suggest effective ways of interacting with colleagues; suggest they buddy with others doing the same or similar work
    • Introduce to the larger staff/administration community, especially those in your division with whom you know they will interact
    • Show them where the copy machine, rest rooms, office supplies, and other critical locations are in your area
    • On their first day, don't let them lunch alone! Either take him/her to lunch, ask someone in your group to, or maybe plan a group lunch
    • Explain lunch options in our area: (Tarek's, Food Trucks,The Well, Camilles, Marshall Center Food Court)
    • Give them small manageable tasks at first, and check back often to see if they have any questions
      Be positive in your feedback; remember, it is a lot to take in and the employee is probably not going to be perfect from day one
    • Explain how Child & Family Studies fits into our College of Behavioral and Community Sciences
    • Meet with new employees at least monthly for progress reviews towards probation (for staff)
  • Set Job Expectations (all employees, not just new ones!) prior to time to do evaluations!
    • Go over the individual's Position Description taking care to answer any questions the employee may have
    • Confirm the employees' work schedule
    • Discuss work priorities and how you would like them to manage conflicts in work loads
    • Suggest strategies for dealing with the job demands
    • There are many good web sites and books on managing an employee's performance; we encourage all new managers to take advantage of learning more about their role as a supervisor!

Sponsored Project Professional Development & Responsibilities:


CFS has created a Professional Development Training course that is required for new Principal Investigators (PI) or anyone wanting to be a PI on a sponsored research project. This training will cover the contracts and grant process.  All CFS Faculty and staff working on sponsored research projects are encouraged to take the course in order to learn about the contracts and grant process.

To sign up for the course, please contact Janet Reyes.