Sample Curriculum

The MACJA degree focuses on two primary areas. First, the program focuses on contemporary issues in criminal justice management and the challenges facing the criminal justice sector of contemporary government. Second, the program equips students with a sophisticated level of skills for use in analyzing and designing solutions to problems. In addition to criminology courses, the curriculum includes courses in public administration. The MACJA program is run as a cohort, and all students admitted to a cohort take the same courses in sequence.


Typical MACJA Sequence (33 credit hours):

CCJ 6936  Current Issues in Law Enforcement (3)

CCJ 6705  Research Methods  (4)

CJE 6029  Advanced Seminar in Law Enforcement  (3)

CCJ 6706  Quantitative Analysis I  (4)

CCJ 6406  Theory, Practice, and Research in Law Enforcement  (3)

CCJ 6118  Introduction to Criminological Theory (4)

PAD 6041  Ethics and Public Service  (3)

PAD 6934  Local Government Administration and Finance  (3)

CJE 6025  Policy Organization, Behavior, and Administration  (3)

CJE 6716  CJ Graduate Capstone Seminar  (3)