Internship Program

Juniors and seniors with at least 12 hours in the major can apply to approximately 75 pre-approved internships at local, state, and federal agencies and earn up to 9 hours of Criminology elective credits.

Tampa Campus

  1. All internship information - including requirements, the process, available internships, and the information for how to get a class permit for Internship Class - can be found in the Criminology Canvas page for Tampa Criminology Majors, under the "Internships - Getting Started" module.
  2. You MUST use the Internship Checklist (which is the first item in the "Internships - Getting Started" module).
  3. All internships should be confirmed and start the first week of classes. All internships must be from the approved list.
  4. You must be registered for Internship Class (CCJ 4940) which starts the first day of classes. Be sure you are registered for the appropriate number of credit hours. To avoid late registration charges, you must be registered the Friday before classes start.

Please contact ccjadvise@usf.edu with questions regarding the internship program.

St. Petersburg 

Please contact the St. Petersburg Internship Coordinator for additional information: 

Catherine Koziol 
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Please contact the Sarasota-Manatee Internship Coordinator for additional information: 

Murat Haner
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