PhD in Criminology

These web pages contain materials pertaining to admission and completion of the Ph.D. program in Criminology.


The Ph.D. or Doctor of Philosophy is granted in recognition of the highest attainment in a specific field of knowledge. It is a research degree conferred when a student has demonstrated proficiency and distinctive achievement in a specified field. The Doctor of Philosophy degree requires a student to complete a dissertation that provides evidence of the ability to do original and independent research that contributes to a body of knowledge.

Funding Opportunities

The department has funds to support selected graduate students. A Graduate Assistantship provides a $25,800 annual stipend, tuition waiver and health insurance. Students receiving these assistantships work 20 hours per week. These are awarded on a competitive basis and all applicants are considered. We abide by the resolution of the Council of Graduate Schools that requires that graduate programs give students until April 15th to accept offers.

Current Students

Information relevant to current Ph.D. students can be found at the links below: