Admitted Student Information

Register for a Mandatory Campus Orientation 

If you have been admitted to USF, you must register for one of the USF orientation sessions offered through the Office of Orientation before you will be able to register for classes. Links to register for orientation are below:

Sarasota-Manatee Campus

St. Petersburg Campus

Tampa Campus


TAMPA CAMPUS – B.A. Criminology Majors

Class Registration

If you were admitted as a Freshman student, designated Tampa as your home campus, and have cleared all of your registration holds, you will be pre-registered for your first semester’s classes.  Once you sign up for orientation, you will receive an email from the Student Services office of the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences.  This email will ask you to provide information regarding any incoming AP, IB or other exam credit, dual enrollment credit, or other information that needs to be taken into account when you are being pre-registered for classes.  Check your email regularly and respond to all emails that request additional information.  The email will be sent to the email address that is on file. If your email address has changed, please login into your OASIS account and update your email address ASAP.

During orientation you will have the opportunity to interact with a criminology academic advisor.  If you need to make adjustments to your schedule for any reason, advisors will be available during orientation to assist you with making schedule changes.

transfer student information

TAMPA CAMPUS – B.A. Criminology Majors

Transfer Pre-Orientation Advising

If you designated Tampa as your home campus, once you have registered for orientation you will be eligible for transfer pre-orientation advising. A transfer pre-orientation advising session will provide you with necessary information and give you the opportunity to register for courses prior to your orientation date. Pre-orientation advising is optional. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, you should complete the requirements at least 1 week prior to your scheduled orientation date.

If you elect not to schedule a Pre-Orientation advising appointment, you will have the opportunity to interact with an advisor during orientation and will wait until your scheduled orientation session in order to register for courses.

Students that are pre-advised must attend the CBCS college overview the day of orientation - if you don't, you will be dropped from all pre-registered courses.

Prepare for your Pre-Orientation Advising Appointment

Please complete the following prior to your Pre-Orientation Advising Appointment:

  1. Reserve a spot at USF Orientation
  2. Review the B.A. Criminology Transfer Pre-Orientation Presentation.
  3. Schedule and attend appointment with criminology advisor
  4. Give signed Registration Agreement to your academic advisor. Agreement document is located in the Pre-Orientation Presentation.
  5. Check your Account Holds in OASIS and work to remove them, as these can delay your registration.