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"The lasting legacy from my degree here at USF are the relationships that I've taken with me, both on a personal and professional level. Professors like John Cochran, Kathleen Heide...and really the entire program here, supported me throughout all the stages of my career and continue to do so today." - Denise Boots (BA 1995, MA 2001, PhD 2006)


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"The education that I received, prepared me to be successful in an academic environment." – Kristina Childs (PhD 2008) 
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"My entire experience at USF was amazing. The education and opportunities I received for teaching and research have made me into the professor I am today." – Christopher Donner (PhD 2013) 
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"It allowed me the opportunity to work with a couple of different faculty members and blend my interests in practical world applications." – Jon Maskaly (PhD 2014)
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 "From their research and teaching experiences with Dr. Leiber and Dr. Heide, USF was my number one choice, and the only choice, I thought to make in terms of continuing my education." – Jennifer Peck (MA 2011, PhD 2014)